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Feather Wand Cat Kitten Toy Wire Chaser Teaser Interactive Wand

Feather Wand Cat Kitten Toy Wire Chaser Teaser Interactive Wand

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Our cat feather toys are all handmade. Feathers, wands and all accessories are made of safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.

Cat teaser wands are flexible, not easily broke, longer lasting and more durable. Safe and healthy for cats, you and your family.

Every funny Cat Toy Wand is an upgrade to any toy set and are great value for money. When you play with your cat or kitten you will feel unprecedentedly relaxed and happy. Cat or kitten will usually eat after play and then sleep.

These cat toy wands help your cats to keep active and simulate hunting, best toys recommended by vets to keep cats in shape plus agile. All of the cat feather toys have bells on it, feather will swirls when playing with cats, the bell sound also attracts cats (eventually they will recognize the noise immediately) , cats will go crazy for it.

Our Cat Toys Set are dedicated to strengthen the relationships between you and your cat without hands being seen as a toy / prey which leads to injury and relationship break down.

Your cats or kittens will love jumping and pouncing after these feather cat toy wands. You can play with multiple cats at the same time and makes for a memorable experience for both parties. Make them crazy and enjoy hours of fun for the whole family.

24 inches in length to give that space between hands and claws.

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